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Being able to prototype ideas at low and high fidelities can be incredibly useful. Here are some of my projects that involve prototyping – both digitally and physically.

Lumi Light-Up Mouse

Lumi Light-Up Mouse


This project was from the Prototyping course at CCA taught by Graham Plumb. The goal was to design and prototype a mouse geared toward a specific audience. We would also use a NeoPixel light strip and Arduino to put inside the mouse and make it light up. I interviewed people and collected survey responses to generate a persona. I then used an iPad to digitally sketch out concepts for a mouse to suit their needs: something sleek and portable, but comfortable and fitted to their hand.

I used blocks of foam to sand down into the desired shape of my mouse. Yellow foam was used for the first 4 attempts, and pink foam was used for the final. I cut styrene and glued it to the foam mouse to create the look and feel of clickable buttons. I then spray painted this gray and filled in gaps and holes with Bondo.

I made a box out of cardboard and duct tape, glued my foam mouse to it, and I filled it with silicone. After this set, I removed my foam mouse, which left me with a silicone mold in the shape of the mouse. I poured resin into this to make the final version. Once I removed this from the mold, I used blue tape to mask out areas where I wanted light to shine through the mouse.

I attached my mouse to a stick and started to paint it using spray paint. The first layer was silver to prevent light from shining through. Since my mouse was intended to be two colors, I started by masking out the sides with tape and painting the rest of it white. This was determined based on the preferences of the people I interviewed, who wanted it to be white so they could tell when it needed to be cleaned! The final coat of paint was a light gray which went on the sides of the mouse to give the illusion of the texture being different – something with more grip to it.

The next-to-last step was photographing the work and showing the mouse with the light-up function working. Finally, I used my paper prototyping and visual design skills to design an out-of-the-box experience, with a multi-stage unboxing of the packaging design.



Procreate on iPad Pro, foam, bandsaw, silicone, resin, spray paint

Product design, sketching, personas, survey design, interviewing, low fidelity prototyping, high fidelity prototyping, silicone and resin casting, packaging design, graphic design, copywriting

First steps: persona, sketches, and low-fidelity foam prototypes

Next steps: painting the foam mouse, filling gaps with Bondo

Next steps: creating the silicone mold and casting with resin