Game Design.

It's not all fun and games... but this page is! Here, you can check out some of the projects I've done around game design.




This was a project I did in the 2D: Text, Image, Content class at CCA, taught by Rod Cavazos. I designed a board game themed around the concept of hunting for cryptids – in other words, animals whose existence is not yet officially proven. I illustrated the board, representing the lore of several of the most famous creatures, like Bigfoot, the Yeti, Mothman, and El Chupacabra. I also wrote and designed consequence cards to add unexpected risks and benefits to gameplay (positive = a four leaf clover, negative = skull and cross bones, and risk = question marks). I also used a board and fabric to make a folding gameboard to make a physical prototype of the game, and I assembled a rule book and consequence cards. The game is fully functional and was playtested by several students!

This piece was selected to be shown in The New Aesthetics Exhibition in Oakland, California's Oliver Art Gallery in February of 2019.


Adobe Illustrator




This is from the Introduction to Interaction Design class at CCA taught by Cristina Gaitan. I worked on this project over 2 weeks with Shuyi (Pi) Wang. This was a quick exercise intended to teach us about paper prototyping and the basic principles of game design and playtesting.

Abduction! is a 3D board game in which you play as a character who is trying to race to the UFO to capture evidence of aliens. There are 4 characters to choose from (including CIA agent, mad scientist, and more!), and each comes with special advantages and disadvantages to keep gameplay unique after multiple playthroughs.

I designed the board in Adobe Illustrator, then printed it out and used glue to put it all together. It's a rough paper prototype, but it was a good enough fidelity for us to playtest with about 15 people and hear some really great results!

We have 3 types of consequence cards – positive (blue), negative (red), and random (purple). I wrote a set of instructions for the game, and I used a spreadsheet to organize the content of all of the cards.


Adobe Illustrator, paper